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GeoMark : A Simulative Approach of the Application Jun 25,2019Anoop Panicker

When someone says about ‘GeoMark’, its application level can be underestimated. Someone might think, ‘Ok, it is just an application for location mapping. Further, it can add the location details, add photos and share the location details with friends. But that is all!’ Hold your thoughts right there! ‘GeoMark’ is not merely your location mapping app, but it can be the best tool for fields like delivery services, fleet management, civil surveys, field works etc.

In this article, a few deliberates on the next level of applicability of the ‘GeoMark’ app is discussed…

1.  You are working as a delivery agent. We will simplify it through an example. You bought a home appliance like air conditioner or television from a shop. The representatives of the home appliance shop will deliver the products in the respective locations as per the address given by the customers at the time of purchase. Usually, the installation of the appliance will take another day or two and will be done by a team of technical experts. In the normal scenario, the installation team would call the customers to know the exact location. This might be uneasy for some customers as they might be finding the call disturbing in their busy schedule at offices. If the delivery team download the ‘GeoMark’ app and map the location details with photos and relevant descriptions, simply sharing the location details with the technical experts’ team would ease the task. There is no more need for bothering the customers. Less effort demanded from the side of the customers, more happy they would be!

2.  Real estate agent can make the most of a location mapping app like ‘GeoMark’. The location along with the photos and important details of the plot like the area, near-by places etc. can give a clear picture about the plot for the prospective buyers. The real estate agent can share the location with these prospective buyers and thus making it easy for the latter to decide whether or not the location is fine enough to be bought. At times, it can even avoid the prospective buyers’ physical presence at the property.

3.  Consider you are in complex parking lot. There many vehicles, many basements and many lots in the parking area. You are sure that you will lose your way back to your car and is desperately looking for a solution. If you are leaving the car at the parking lots of malls for a film or a prolonged shopping or some other engagements that will take quite some time and say, you are not good at remembering things, ‘GeoMark’ can be your best guide. Just, click a photo from the lot where your car is parked along with the parking number, you will easily find your way back! Choose this carefree way of locating your parking slots at not just malls, but at railway stations, airports etc. as well, where people usually park their cars and takes lot of time and hefty effort to return to their respective parking lots.

4. The days are dark as far as our younger generations are concerned. There are risks like drug pedaling, child trafficking, friendship with dubious people and other such risky factors that our kids are vulnerable to. Except for the school-going kids, most of the younger generations use smart phones. This is the way that parents communicate with their children ensuring if they have reached schools/colleges safely or check if they have got stuck in a threat situation. In addition to checking on your children through frequent calls, you can double ensure the security of your children the smart way by downloading ‘GeoMark’. By sharing your children’s location through ‘GeoMark’, you can be 100% sure that your kids have reached the schools/colleges or check whether they are in some perilous locations.

If we were to discuss such the different application level of ‘GeoMark’, it would be of humongous scope. From day-to-day personal/professional activities, ‘GeoMark’ can redefine the location mapping techniques in the best way possible.