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GeoMark in All New Form ! Jul 10,2019Anoop Panicker

Change is inevitable and is so for ‘GeoMark’ too. This is why we have introduced new features and widened the ‘GeoMark’ scope. This ‘all new’ feature of ‘GeoMark’ is all about hash tagging and going public.

Would it not be great if you could open up and experience the wonderful opportunities of this world? In the smart phone era we are living in, this is exactly what we are capable of doing- we can access information about anything from anywhere at any time through ‘GeoMark’. It exposes us to more ‘Geomark’ed locations, more information, more updates, more friends and several more!

What is ‘GeoMark’s New Feature?

We have added a feature called ‘Social’ which allows your posts go ‘public’. This means there is more exposure possible for your posts and also there are more opportunities that you can explore! ‘GeoMark’ has hence upgraded to a platform with mutual and perpetual benefits!

How to Go Public in ‘GeoMark’ ?

In ‘GeoMark’ when you upload a post, normally a location specific picture along with associated details is what you normally upload. You might also tag your friends for sharing the geo-specific information. So far in the ’GeoMark’ app, you would find options like GeoMarks, Favorites, Map and Settings in the bottom of the User Interface. In the revised version of ‘GeoMark’, there is another new option available called ‘Social’. On selecting ‘Social’, the app will launch you to the page where a ‘Search’ button appears on the top. On typing in the specific keywords in the ‘Search’ bar, you will be directed to the posts of those ‘GeoMark’ users who have hash-tagged that particular keywords in their posts with the intention of their posts going public.

It can be better comprehended if we discuss the new feature through few examples:

Another main feature of this is that two users can exchange pleasantries (like ‘how is the weather there?’) through the Chat option to know more about the tagged location. The users can see the details like when and at what time another user was at the ‘Geomark’ marked area and hit ‘like’ for each other’s posts!


‘GeoMark’ is persistently trying to achieve revised looks and beneficial features that can lure more users in to using our application and retain the existing users to make the most of our app. There is a direct and proportionate factor that can increase the usability of the app and that factor is recommending the ‘GeoMark’ app to your acquaintances and making the connections larger. More ‘GeoMark’ connections imply more worlds to explore!

Try the new ‘GeMark’ today and take a step ahead to the smarter world !