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GEOMARK's Lenience Towards Field Works May 17,2019Anoop Panicker

Organizations differ in their nature of work. Some are in-office works where employees would work in their systems or conduct meeting within the walls of their offices. But there are some jobs that would necessitate the employees to be physically present in diverse places for getting things done. For jobs which include field works like the job of civil engineer conducting a field survey, a banker analyzing some property for sanctioning loans, a sales man who delivers products to a number of places, a delivery agent etc., they might get lost in locations (and facts and figures associated with these locations) due to the strain in performing such tasks. Geomark intersects at this point and makes things easy for them! The scope that Geomark proclaims is so vast that a number of diverse working demographic can benefit from it.

How can Geomark help the field work staffs?

Let us ponder the implication Geomark has on the field working staffs in different circumstances:

A civil engineer does field survey at different locations for reports and submissions. Ordinarily what does he do? He does the survey, note down the facts and figures in a file and continues doing so in different locations. With Geomark, you can forget about the paper and pen. Just take a snap of your location, tag the survey details along with photo and share it with your officials in no time. Less time in the sun, more power to you! Similarly, we have banker doing field visits to study some property (say for sanctioning loan). In order to ease his task, Geomark can assist him in saving photos, tagging the property details and submitting the reports merely by sharing. This can be repeated for any number of locations and there will be lot of time and effort saved.

Consider the case of a sales man or a delivering agent. If they have the database of the address location of the places where deliveries are to be made, the time required for delivering the products will be reduced by half. In this case, it is important that companies send one of their personnel to collect the addresses of their customers, so that at the time of delivery there will not be any uncertainties. This would make the deliveries possible in time and the result would be your happy customers!

So what are the implications of all these? We serve you best when there is lot of location mapping required in your work.

Apart from all that has been mentioned above, Geomark can also serve for certain other short term requirements. For instance, in a hospital, many teams are sent for studying about the occurrence of a particular disease in specific regions and are asked to submit medical reports. The teams can take photographs (for the better understanding of the physical being of those places) and can add the details that they observed by tagging to these locations. This would result in a clear cut and thorough understanding of the subject.

If we discuss the numerous possibilities of Geomark, that would be a never- ending result. But yes! Geomark can do things remarkably!

Don’t Delay… Download Geomark!

Geomark has always succeeded in creating an unblemished record of location mapping, tagging and sharing. It is the aim of Geomark to make things much easier for you. We believe that a step you take in making your organization smart would earn you more customers. Make that step, get smarter and download Geomark today!