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GeoMark : Your New Fleet Manager Jun 14,2019Anoop Panicker

Fleet Management is a serious affair that encompasses the supervision of commercial motor vehicles (like vans, trucks etc. or mobile construction machinery and also private vehicles used for work purposes), ships, and aviation machineries like planes or even rail cars. Basically, it is the entire gamut of all that is involved in transporting products or services to different locations.

As hard as it can be, there is no organized way of tracking these fleet subjects and becomes more demanding when there is too much fleet traffic. What we require to simplify the situation is domineering location mapping software that could narrow down the hardships. With GPS playing a major part in the fleet market and with various location mapping app and tools in the vicinity of the software age, there can be ways to oversee these shortcomings.

What is the Role of Location Mapping Tool in Fleet Management?

By real time location mapping tool, there can be improved time management and more sticking to a particular schedule and hence better productivity. The timing of delivering products or services is the most vital area that requires attention and the proper tackling of which can result in the fleet company’s turnover.

GeoMark is not merely a tool that acts as a location tracking tool for a fleet company. It is a self-checking time gauge too. How? The deliverer can always have the ownership of the task, have more clarity in the chores he performs and self-correct the errors with GeoMark. This is why GeoMark is regarded as task-accomplishing and time-managing tool too! By such a property that GeoMark exhibit, such situations can self-manage and will not entail the interference of the officials’ from the senior level. Hence, micromanaging the tasks is enabled by GeoMark being the location mapping gauge that is not limited to fleet managers and owners but the drivers and deliverers as well.

How Does GeoMark Assist You in Fleet Management?

GeoMark can assist you in delivering the product or service on geo-marked locations. In Fleet Management it is necessary that the companies stick to scheduled and time-bound delivery. So when the deliverer -no matter whichever transportation medium he chooses: road, rail, water or air ways of delivering the product- the details of delivering the product can be entered in the respective geo-marked locations.

For example, a company employs 4 convoys to deliver various products. Each convoy, has say numerous number of delivery points. When the person from each convoy accomplishes the delivery, the person can add the details associated with the delivered object. Generally, it can be:

 What Are The Advantages That GeoMark Propose?

GeoMark can benefit the Fleet Companies in:

Fleet Management companies can assort their operations in accordance with the profitable ways put forth by GeoMark. This would imply healthy uplifting in the company’s operations and therefore profitability.