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How Secure Are You With GeoMark? Sep 18,2019Keerthi MN

GeoMark is flexible as a social platform that adheres to all conventional ciphers of security and safety. In GeoMark, when there is room for social media leisure like uploading location photos, adding location info, describing your location, sharing it externally etc., GeoMark is your security platform for marking how safe you are in a particular location. 

When you mark a location in GeoMark, it’s not just the location that is exposed through the medium. There are other features that measure the safety of the user in a particular location. The location when shared in GeoMark, encompasses the latitude-wise and longitude-wise information of the user’s location. Also through GeoMark map apart from the location details that you shared, additionally it gives a clear understanding of the areas in the vicinity too. 

Say, you are stuck in a particular place and you need someone to find you. What would you do? You call someone for help, of course! But alongside, there is another option of sharing your location details with the other person. This way, the latter can easily track the former through the location information shared through GeoMark. 

When a particular GeoMark user is in a perilous environment like abduction or is a quarantined area as the aftermath of becoming a victim of natural calamity, GeoMark can be of the greatest help! Location Mapping is full-fledged in GeoMark with the intrinsic and extrinsic details like location name, near-by locations, latitude, longitude etc. 

When you are isolated in a particular area and you are looking for help, share your detailed location mapping details to any acquaintance that you are sure of responding to your call-out for help.

While a particular GeoMark user want someone to track him, adding photos of the location and surrounding areas makes it much easier to sketch and track. The locations in the vicinity and the buildings nearby make your location an easily recognizable one.

Let’s have a brief understanding of how GeoMark can be your best chance to tackle such unfavorable circumstances… 

Familiarizing the GeoMark app:

GeoMark is proving to be much more alterable and consistent as business app, personal app and security app as far as location mapping is concerned. To make use of the utility abundance that the app offers is left for the GeoMark users to explore…!