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Is Geomark a Location Feature App Aug 13,2019Keerthi MN

Location mapping is a formal as well as an informal business. It is formal when applied in fields like field force tracking and fleet management. GeoMark is informal when we use it mark locations for a leisure travel. In both the cases, the character exposed by the app is the same and is serving way too well the purposes.

GeoMark is an Application Programming Interface (API) that is rooted on a set of subroutine descriptions, communication protocols and tools for creating software. GeoMark is a location mapping feature app that has the following functionalities:

Functional Genomics of GeoMark as a Feature App

GeoMark is high level interface for gathering location information. The app allows marking of the exact location with details like Latitude and longitude coordinates associated with the mobile device on the display screen. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the technique hired in GeoMark for tracking the location details. This means that the exact location of the marked location pops up with other details like nearby locations and routes in the vicinity. Since the smart phones and mobile devices has a GPS chip attached to it. With effective and timely communication of this mobile chip with satellites, we can easily obtain the location details the device is currently in.

GeoMark works in association with Google Maps for procuring the results. After marking a particular location in GeoMark and sharing it to the public, we will come across a button for ‘Directions’ on the screen. Once you ask for directions, the user will be launched to the Google maps in which the details will be deliberated.

Additional Feature of GeoMark

GeoMark comes with the additional feature of making your location mapped posts go public. This will enhance the sharing of details of a particular location to more people- think about it as a kind of knowledge sharing tool too!

By making your posts go public; it is an added advantage that GeoMark offers! It means that there will be more exposure for your posts thus getting feedbacks and updates from other people who view your posts.


With the featured app as GeoMark, there are plentiful benefits like knowing more places and locations, knowing the features associated with these locations, current status of locations etc. By current status of locations, it means that you can know about whether it is the right time to visit a place (on informal grounds) or what is the real time field force survey report (on formal grounds). Thus by best landed results and more public audience that the platform can avail, GeoMark can be the best tool knowledge sharing in the location based context.

With timely updates to the app and continual refinement in the features, there is more room for applicability of GeoMark as a feature application.