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Then, now and shall be of GPS based location mapping apps Apr 12,2019Anoop Panicker

For instance, earlier we used to order food from restaurants, a delivery boy would deliver the order at our doorstep,  we would pay some tips and see off the guy.  Now with online food delivery agents (Swiggy, Uber eats,  Zomato etc. ),  the agent can easily map our location and we in turn can sit at the ease of our home and track the delivering agent and know exactly when he would ring the door bell.

GPS location mapping has outgrown from a route tracker to a powerful tool for curbing domestic violence.  In this article,  let us throw some light on the past,  present and futuristic possibilities of GPS based location mapping apps..

How did location mapping begin?

Initially, it was a ‘bird-eye’ viewing tool for real time traffic conditions that worked on the aerial images captured from satellites. However, only advanced countries like USA and others alone could access the GPS based location services. As time progressed,  more countries could migrate into the spectrum and were updating various places and related geographic features on the respective mapping apps on a timely basis. Accommodating more geographical specifications helped it in winning more users and increasing the quality.

In the current context..

Todays technological advancements has opened up the doorways to tremendous opportunities.  Once,  which was insinuated to be a mere traffic analysis app,  has now become the operating tool for online food delivering agents (like the example mentioned earlier), online cab services and AI equipment like Alexa,  Google Home etc. Ask Alexa “Is there traffic congestion in Infopark Road? “, it would reply,  “The traffic is moderate and is currently at the rate of 1km/45 seconds”. The ways GPS location mapping can be explored with instances as such would delight everyone and yes,  technology is a non-innate blessing!

Crimes are on a high in the society and with technology-gifted tools like GPS based location mapping tools, it is easy to track your loved ones by constantly keeping an eye on the track as in online cab services. With location mapping tools,  there will not be a destination that can be missed and there will not be place that you wouldn’t know about,  that’s that!

Futuristic hope:

A recent Florida State University  study in the US,  researchers found that ”GPS monitored offenders are 94.7% less likely to commit a new crime.” This is a relief for many countries who fight hard against crimes and this is one feature of location mapping apps that no one would have foreseen or assumed ever. Thus it is switching from a traffic monitoring app to a person monitoring app. On a funny note,  location based mapping apps are serving like  a traffic monitoring cop as well as a theft prevention officer.

Quoting GPS as an example,  Bill Gates said,  “Sometimes innovation is simple,  technology from one field is applied to another. “ With GPS based location mapping tools what has been explored is unexpected and those yet to be explored are unknown!