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Travel often ? Here is why you should have GEOMARK in your mobile. Apr 10,2019Anoop Panicker

Be it business or be it leisure, what if we say that you can store all the places you visited, route map, images of the place and other related details in a capsule model? We present Geomark, a travel diary that you can access at the tip of your fingers.

Geomark is a mobile application developed by Aabasoft for marking locations you have visited. GeoMark is a quintessential location mapping app and let’s see how:

How does Geomark work?

Personal usage of the app:

Initially, user should install the Geomark app from iOS and Android store.

Let’s presume that you are going for a journey and you have the app installed in the phone. Say, you saw a shop on the side of a road or a spot that you would like to add to your favorites list during your travel. You would like a revisit this very shop or spot in the near future. What would you do? You can memorize the location, of course! But we make it easier for you through Geomark.  

Mark the place in the app, upload an image of the location and write a review about it, thus creating the tag about the spot. If you would like to share the details of the location with your friend, Geomark enables that too, only your friend has to have the application in his phone. The details entered by the user will be listed in the app as long as it is not deleted.

Briefly saying, following are the steps involved in Geomark:

1.    Install the app in your phone
2.    Once the travel commences, mark your favorite location(s) in the app
3.    Take picture of the spot and upload it in the app
4.    Write your review about the destination
5.    Share it with your friends

Next time youwish to visit a Geomark marked place, the app will come to your assistance and these places you marked shall pop up and ease the task. Thus, Geomark is your memory manager when it comes to destination tracking.

Business level application of the app:

Geomark is applicable not only in smaller domains (as in personal usage), but also in larger domains like businesses involving immense traveling. It can benefit a number of clients like domestic gas distribution centers, delivery agents, postal departments, courier services, schools/colleges etc.

Let’s see how Geomark can benefit a courier service company. For a service company like Courier Company, there will be regular addresses to which deliveries are to be made or there will be random delivering points. In both the case, storing as many addresses as possible in their database will benefit them by saving a lot of time. The delivery agent just has to follow the instructions put forth by the app and make deliveries in time.

Also, when the usual delivery agent gets replaced by a new one, the location tags in Geomark only need to be shared with the latter. Just by quickly going through the locations marked in Geomark, the deliverer can smoothly deliver the package to all the destinations.

What are the advantages of Geomark?

Geomark is advantageous over other location mapping apps. How? When all other apps allows simply marking the location and sharing the route with another person, Geomark exhibits a more personalized and prime feature of allowing users to share the image and review they tagged a location with. Apart from this, it also has the following benefits:


Geomark is an anti-procrastination application developed for the easy tracking, storage and sharing of various destinations we have visited, not just for real time usage, also for future references.  Pry the app for a ‘never better’ ease of traveling.