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Traveling Solo? Here is Why You Should Have GeoMark... Nov 25,2019Keerthi MN

Solo travelling is a passion for many. Traveling to the woods, to the mountains, to the dense forests- there are many places that these adventurists long to go and explore. But what is the ‘security quotient’ of such kind of adventure destinations? Yes, it is a ‘quotient’ that solo wanderers should worry about!

GeoMark is the best option that you can choose for your adventure journeys, especially if you are a solo traveller. While solo travelling is a fun thing, there is another side to this -dangers that are abound! GeoMark nullifies the threat solo travelling possesses to a great extent.

While travelling, you just need to make sure that GeoMark is installed in your mobile. GeoMark serves you best as not just as a travel memoir, but as a safekeeping app too. Let’s have a look on how GeoMark can assist you best in ensuring security during your adventure journeys…

How Can GeoMark Safeguard You?

GeoMark users, on reaching location just need to share the pictures of the location alongside some tags. Assume that you reached a location and you are under some kind of threat or danger, you can simply add tags to the shared location for making your posts go public. This will help you make your post gain more exposure among other GeoMark users thus quickly notifying others the danger you are encountering.

Using tags can help you discover more about GeoMarked locations in the app. Your parents, friends or from whoever help is sought can easily track you in no time.

You might wonder what good it can bring if the app can work in the online mode alone! But, GeoMark comes with lots of added advantage. For one, GeoMark security feature works in the offline mode as well. That’s right! It doesn’t matter if you are connected to the internet or not, GeoMark is always vigilant about your safety. The app is alert about safe-proofing you from threats and vulnerabilities during your travels, whether you are in online mode or offline mode.

Who Can Make the Best of GeoMark?

GeoMark is most needed by women travellers. Women and safety are two sides of the same coin. GeoMark aids solo women travellers in marking their location in GeoMark and letting others know about their whereabouts. However, this does not mean that solo men travellers are not vulnerable to threats or hazards. One of the key objectives of using GeoMark is guaranteeing safety for men as well as women travellers. This is why GeoMark is regarded to be the best security app for solo travelling men and women.

Download the App Now!

As mentioned already, GeoMark is transformable as a social media platform as well as security platform. When we say social media platform, GeoMark is the best capsule-model travel diary you can get to make the best of the places you have visited and memories you have created, whether you travel solo or in groups.

As a security platform, GeoMark helps the person in peril easy to be sketched by sharing the photo of the location they are stuck in. The chances of overpowering threat situations increase manifold if the traveller shares the location along with adding tags. Those who come for your rescue, only need to follow the route map of your location and refer the photos of the near-by location that you have shared. This will let them in quick inferring of the place where you are wedged or stranded.

Reading can only familiarize you with the app. The profound possibilities that GeoMark offers can be explored only once you give the app a try. Download the app for a secured solo travelling experience!