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Why GeoMark is a Must Have for Your Child with Special Needs at School? Aug 16,2019Keerthi MN

The regular school-going children of ours are very much vulnerable to dangers like kidnapping and child trafficking. Much worse could be the case of those kids who have special needs and cannot speak or express their thoughts for themselves! Parents and educational institutions equally hold the responsibility of the child, no matter if the kid is a regular school-goer or a kid who has special needs.

How can GeoMark become handy in securing your child’s safety? Like already mentioned, the institution and the parents share equal responsibility in their children’s safety. What can be done to make our kids safer while on their journey to school and back home? GeoMark has a binding solution in this matter!

In the School’s Perspective:

These days’ educational institutions have way too many students absorbed in various streams and batches. It is with pretty much difficulty that management holds records of these students in their database. Due to the presence of way too many students in these educational institutions, managing their wellbeing is inferred to be a standoffish dream. Discussing the safety of our school and college going children in all possible aspect is beyond the scope of this editorial. This is why we are going to discuss only about the location based security that GeoMark can offer our children.

There are numerous school and private vehicles that our parents rely for transportation. Only a small proportion of students are accompanied by their parents to school. The private or school vehicles firstly need to have a portable mobile device that is installed with the GeoMark app. Say there are some 25 students in a particular vehicle. What to be done next is briefed below:

1. In the installed GeoMark app, map the location of each of the 25 students based on the sequential order of picking or dropping them. 
2. Once the location mapping is done, the details of that particular location like landmark, lane, route, street number, house number, house name, builder’s name etc.can be entered in the description section along with a photo for easy reference.
3. Based on the order entered in the GeoMark app, the driver can easily trace the location and make sure the children have reached their locations safely. A time saving app undeniably!
4. In case if the regular driver is on leave for few days, the substituting driver can be uncertain of the whereabouts of the children. With GeoMark, this problem can be resolved! With previously entered location information of each of the 25 children, the only thing to be done for the substitute driver would be to just follow the sequential order of the already entered location mapping details in GeoMark. Hence a considerable amount of effort is saved!

While we agree that there is an initial struggle of entering the location mapping details of the many number of students in an educational institution, it is only fair to bring to your notice that there are many futuristic perks that GeoMark can offer like:

•  Time and effort saved
•  Guaranteeing children’s safety
•  Easy transfer of location information from one person to another
•  In case of change in location details of a particular student, the details simply needs to be edited in the app

So finally, it is assured that the initial struggle of entering the location mapping details in the app is paid off too well! In this current plot, where there is too much atrocities happening in the society against our kids, GeoMark is highly recommended to be installed in the educational institution or private vehicles thus being 100% sure of the protection of our young generation!