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Can GeoMark help us survive the Corona Virus? Apr 09,2020Keerthi MN

The world is under the threat of the Corona Virus pandemic. How can this contagion be controlled? The medicines to cure illness from corona virus are yet to be invented. We are only left with the option of isolating ourselves from the virus and self-distancing ourselves from the infected people. 
As a matter of fact, we are currently practicing Social Distancing and quarantining to shield ourselves from the epidemic. But what more can be done? At this point of time, surviving the corona virus adversities is all that matters and we will take measures to any extend to keep ourselves protected from the virus. GeoMark comes up with the unique idea that aims at keeping everyone safeguarded from corona virus infected those.

GeoMark in Route Mapping

A GeoMark user can mark his route in the app and this is very helpful in the current scenario. If the user has criss-crossed an infected person’s route, then verifying the user’s route map with the infected person’s route map will help in recognizing whether that particular user has ever been in contact with the infected person. Thus the app lets its users check if they ever have been in contact with a person infected with the Corona Virus.
If a person who is a regular user of GeoMark and marks the places visited in the app on a regular basis, then it is 100% assured that GeoMark as a location mapping app will have double the impact in the current context of Corona Virus outbreak. 
Might we remind that it is not late yet. You can mark your location even now and it won’t matter if you are in quarantine or in mobility. GeoMark will be the best tool to aid if tomorrow something unprecedented happens in your life!

GeoMark for Health Workers:

The Public Health Department will have the clear picture of the red-flagged areas where Corona Virus has heavily infected people. Marking the hotspots in GeoMark will help the public restraining themselves from travelling to those places under any circumstances. GeoMark can hence be used as a location mapping app that warns the users about the areas that are severely infected with the Corona Virus epidemic.

Medical Workers can also inform the public about the nearby medical facilities that treats people affected by Corona Virus or symptoms showing a possible corona infection. In addition, Health Department can also release the route map in GeoMark which the public should avoid travelling.

GeoMark While Stepping Out of Lockdown

In addition to using GeoMark to notify others that you are safe in your personal locations, the app comes handy when users step out to buy groceries and other essentials at these times of lockdowns and isolations.

While going out to buy the necessary items, make sure that your loved ones are notified about your whereabouts, so that they are not left worried. Your location mapping and sharing in GeoMark with your dear and near ones shall assure them of your returning back to them.

Bored of Lockdown? Use GeoMark Hash tag!

GeoMark could have never been recognized as an entertainment app too until recently when lockdowns created boredom among people. GeoMark user’s in house quarantine are indulged in uploading their much enjoyed moments at home with the fellow GeoMark users. GeoMark is hence an entertainment app to beat the boredom during lockdown. Look how cool and how supportive an app can be at the same time!


While in this fight against the Corona Virus outbreak continues, GeoMark hopes that every one of you set your extra level of precautionary measures to keep yourselves safe by downloading and using the app for mapping your locations. GeoMark hopes to have a better tomorrow with you all. Stay safe with GeoMark