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How Can a Location Intelligence App be in Synergy with an E-commerce Platform? Jul 22,2020Keerthi MN

How often do you go out or travel? What are the reasons why you travel? You could be simply going out for a leisure trip or shopping or to get specific things from specific locations. Good and well  At times you will know the exact location and at certain other times, you will not know the whereabouts. This is where the score of combined action of a location mapping app like GeoMark and E-commerce facilitating platform like Easy Pickup comes into reality.

Not every shop that provides quality things or essential buys are easily accessible. For that we look for meaningful references and valid location details in relevant apps. This is where GeoMark and Easy Pickup play its parts. While Easy Pickup details the shops or stores that sell various items like a supermarket, bakery, grocery stores etc. near you, GeoMark app ensures that you find the location details of these shops.

How Location Mapping Helps E-commerce?

You are looking for a shop. What do you need at this point? Yes, a mobile phone where you can run search on ‘best shops near me’. But you need not take all that time to search for the shops near you. You only need two things in your mobile- Easy Pickup and GeoMark.

Easy Pickup helps you in finding the best shops you are looking for near you, regardless of the product or service each shop offers and GeoMark guides you in knowing these shops more closely. The Location Mapping shows you the way and E-commerce makes you land you at the desired shop.

Shops Near You!

E-commerce facilitating platforms like Easy Pickup lists the shops that sell various items in the areas near and far away from you. GeoMark as a location mapping app gives you the details of the location and the areas nearby with respect to the shops you intend to pay a visit.

One major benefit of these apps is that they come handy to business as unpaid advertising platforms, thus boosting business. Word of Mouth advertising is so powerful that it gives a domino effect for your brand in today’s web-based world! This exactly is what these platforms offer business. It's kind of a broadcasting platform for any business! So are you in the lookout for the best shops near you? Just surf through an online shopping system like Easy Pickup or hear it from your friends in GeoMark.

Apps that Serves Your Need!

If you are a frequent shopper and you are in the quest for shops selling a variety of things, both these apps can come to your aid. Some apps are so made that it can ease our lives. The Easy Pickup app and GeoMark App are typical examples of the apps that best serve the public.

If you are in a mood to shop, you think of an E-commerce platform and if you are in a mindset to talk about a place or a shop you visited, then a location mapping app like GeoMark is what you need! Let your quest for the best shops near you get a step ahead through smart apps like this and make lives simpler by downloading the Easy Pickup app and GeoMark App right away from the app stores!