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How GeoMark can Engage Your Employees While WFH? Jun 26,2020Keerthi MN

GeoMark can add the ‘fun spirit’ to your employees' work from home schedule. The corona has transformed the working schema of IT professionals to another level. Remote working and coordinating is the new challenge which our techies are confronting. We know that work from home cannot be easy for all. At least for some it is even an experimenting stage for work-life balance. 

How can we make our work more enjoyable and stress-free with all the new practices going on? GeoMark can help you with that! Here are the various ways that GeoMark can make your work from home days more engaging:

We bet that during the quarantine days saving your quarantine and work from home moments in GeoMark will save you a wonderful diary to preserve when you wish to take a walk down the memory lane sometime in the future. Remember what once is done in GeoMark becomes your memorable moments later.

One main thing that you should not forget while doing all these in GeoMark is do not forget to mark your location so that others will know you are safe and in secured locations. When there is something to be communicated regarding the safety of your location, your mates will know once you send alerts in GeoMark. 

Getting connected with your teammates is an issue during the remote working phase. GeoMark gives you the impression of working closely with the team and your managers by always staying connected. This assuredly will give a strong feel of team spirit among employees.


Work is important and so is every employee’s wellbeing and unity. GeoMark is sharing the different possibilities that it can offer during these ‘never before’ situations to keep you engaged and happy. On a witty note, GeoMark is proving to be not merely a location mapping app but a happiness marking app too as well as a work mapping app!