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Keep Track Of Your Sales Growth with GeoMark Jul 06,2021Keerthi MN

Managing employees who are part of the sales and marketing team is always a great deal. For every organization, attendance management was a hurdle. In earlier days, it was done manually and there were chances to encounter any errors. Moreover, it is time-consuming. We know how hard it is to manage an ample number of employees. The technologies leap towards innovations eliminates these kinds of hindrances. Now there are several employee monitoring apps in the market which have drastically improved sales management. 

An efficient employee management app like GeoMark can minimize many complexities regarding attendance marking, location updates, work details of individuals, etc to a great extent. GeoMark has plenty of applicability in an organization particularly if there are many branches across many places or lots of fieldwork involved. 

Benefits of Having GeoMark in Your Organization

Live location sharing:

With the help of GeoMark, sales representatives can share their live location with site photos and tags to the reporting person. Managers can analyze their sales employee performance with check in and checkout time and also they can ensure the location of the staff from where they update whether they visit the allotted site on time or not.

Easy access:

One of the major advantages of GeoMark is that users can access it from anywhere at any time. Companies can also reduce the usage of paper because most of the work is done online on this employee app.

Reduce time wastage: 

One of the major pros of employee monitoring app, GeoMark, is that it saves time and human effort. In a short period, managers can create error-free data with this. The companies can precisely pay their employees according to the time they worked.


GeoMark ensures watertight security. It offers various levels of permission, single sign-on, access control, etc. It keeps all confidential data private and there is zero chance for data loss.

Better Customer Experience:

With GeoMark you can communicate with your customers directly, get a better understanding of their needs and problems which will help to improve response time and achieve higher win rates. Here’s how

How GeoMark Can Increase Your Organization's Productivity?

Easy to use Dashboard:

GeoMark has an intuitive dashboard that helps your sales team to manage without any distractions. Your sales staff, management, and executives to assess key performance metrics accurately like open and closed deals, pipeline stages, and more. Overall, it will provide you all the relevant information in a few clicks.

Employee Insights:

Through GeoMark, you will get a keen insight into the employee's activities. Without visiting the site, managers can analyze the activities of sales employees with this employee management app.

Easy Management:

Authorities can easily manage their employees through this efficient employee app. They can assign and manage tasks from anywhere at any time. They will also get real-time updates and feedback regarding the work.

Detailed sales analysis:

Authorities will get a better overview of your sales employees, their present area, their working span, the measure of work done by them and significantly more.

This employee monitoring app will help the authorities to closely monitor their employees.

Offline Mode Working:

Through the location marking app, GeoMark users can mark their location without an internet connection. It is an added advantage for field workers.

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