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Refocus Your Team During A Crisis With An Efficient Platform Like Geomark Jun 19,2020Keerthi MN

No matter how flourished your industry is or how vast your businesses are, a crisis can be terribly disruptive if you get affected. Crisis like Corona has wrecked the global market and the worldwide economy. There might be companies that got affected but are managing to get back on their feet. There might also be companies who are at the verge of vanishing from the global market because they failed to have a plan to survive or there will be companies who will have to work a long way to get over these disasters. Amidst all this, there are some companies who cannot even think of stopping their work, not even for a single day and are searching for BCP plans and contingency plans to overcome the hurdles.

Consider network support teams for instance. They cannot afford anything that would disrupt the functioning of connected teams. From small, to medium and to large scale industries, network support teams are the links between different tech teams. Likewise, there are lots of others whose presence in respective offices or fields are vital for those working remotely. News reporters, grocery store workers, food deliverers, utility and transportation workers, government workers, law enforcement officers, emergency workers, workers in health departments etc. are other work forces which need an app like GeoMark to proceed with their line of work.

We know how hard managing your organization’s workforce is, especially at times of crisis like this. But that is the whole point of GeoMark! It is quite natural that you need to make sure that your employees are being present for work when the presiding officer (or whoever is in charge) is not around. In situations like this GeoMark shall take up the responsibility and report the concerned person regarding the presence/absence of people especially during crucial situations we are facing currently. But how?! Let’s see...

GeoMark is one location mapping app that employees can use at their workplace. All the employees need to do is:

In the current given situation of the corona crisis, we all are facing transportation difficulties. As a result attending meetings or having person-to-person or person-to-team conversations is out of the question. This can affect the performance of the employees and hence the organizational efficiency. There are reports of employees having tough times with pay cuts and ‘no salary’ policies of companies too, because they are unable to clearly convince their presence in their respective workplaces to the reporting managers.

What can be done to tackle such situations? The corona crisis has given the people around everywhere an opportunity to explore the digital world more. The latest market trends show that business and people have largely become dependent on mobile apps and other similar digital mediums. This justifies why GeoMark is a must-have for running the daily activities of your organization.

With GeoMark, your business can find solutions to unimaginable extend. It can make possible by the following responsibilities:


With GeoMark which you do not anticipate to do so much is the perfect prototype that validates the statement ‘Make a mountain out of a molehill’. GeoMark has an all new solution for Crisis Management.