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Taking Your Business to Next Level with GeoMark May 11,2020Keerthi MN

You would never have realized that managing your employees was an easy task until you came across GeoMark. This realization becomes more saccharine if yours is a work environment with lots of field work involved. GeoMark is a location mapping app that records your location with additional features such as uploading photos, hash tagging and making your posts public with other GeoMark users.

GeoMark acts as your personal location data bank that assists you in viewing the places you have marked in the app in the past. It is like a memory that you created of the places you have been. On a serious note is a tool that assists you in employee monitoring that adds on to your company’s overall productivity.

How can GeoMark Assist in Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring is very critical for organizations, but the simplicity and ease of use make it more convenient to use. Despite being an easy task as such, there is always an essence of gravity in every process that GeoMark assumes! 
 • Step 1: The employee reaches the location and updates his location status in GeoMark.
 • Step 2: The reporting manager assesses the employee status and gives him the necessary instructions
 • Step 3: The employee on completion of each stage of the field work involved updates each of these in GeoMark. These are timely approved by his manager/management
 • Step 4: In the end of the day, the management can assess the work covered by the employee as part of his daily assessment.
The above illustrated steps are the generic understanding of how GeoMark can assist your organization in field works and employee management. Based on the nature of the field work involved in your organization, there can be more or less steps involved in accomplishing the respective target.

What are the Perks of Having GeoMark in Your Organization?
GeoMark has plenty of applicability in an organization particularly if there are multiple businesses to be handled or there are many branches across many places or lots of field work involved. In such cases, employee monitoring is a very time demanding and tiresome task. But with GeoMark, there are a lot of opportunities that companies can explore. Some of the advantages that GeoMark can offer in your organization are as follows:
 • Login and logout time of the employee with location proof
 • Location mapped proof of places visited on account of field work
 • Easy way of micromanagement
 • Less manpower to supervise employees
 • Employees can tag other employees for easy task sharing and communication
 • Exact time mapping and route mapping of employees
 • Provision to recheck then date, time and location of the previously mapped locations anytime in the app
 • Quick sketching of places and customers based on location shared anytime
 • Remote management of workforces
 • Cost and time saved for the company
 • Digitalized mode of employee management that boosts company’s productivity and therefore efficiency
 • Personal location data bank for easy checks, reference, sharing and tagging 


Smart organizations are always keen on updating with the latest technologies and incorporating digitalization and automation techniques into their operations. GeoMark is one tool that earnestly takes the company’s Employee Management while giving you the impression of functioning in a social media environment. GeoMark has cool features of a Social Media application and seriousness of a formal app while undertaking operations. GeoMark is wise, so choose the wise!